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You are your own guru

  • From an early age you feel that you somehow don’t quite fit in
  • You feel that you are from another dimension
  • You just know that there is more between heaven and earth
  •  Often you feel more mature than your actual age group
  •  You feel a need for information that feeds your soul
  • You long for people who can give you knowlegdge and feed the need of your soul to grow and to evolve
  • You don’t like to hang around with people who have a negative attitude, gossip
  • You take full responsibility for your own life, you don’t blame others for your own mistakes
  • You are aware of the concept of Karma, you realize that what you send out – you get back
  • You love nature and animals
  • You feel that you have a mission
  • You feel that you are working on your soul growth
  • You feel that you are born for a reason
  • You understand that everyone you meet is there for a reason
  • You feel that you can always count on your own intuition
  • You don’t like to follow the mass
  • You sometimes feel like a hermit and you understand that you need this alone-time to grow and to learn
  • You are okay with being a hermit sometimes
  • You don’t like to spend hours in front of the TV/Internet every day
  • You are very selective in what you watch on TV and what you watch on the Internet
  • You are good at listening to your body
  • You feel deep and you are highly sensitive
  • You always want to go your own way, despite what others think
  • You have a strong intuition
  • You would like to help others and do things from love
  • You feel the need to lift the earth to a higer dimension
  • You strive for equality and can not stand injustice
  • You love to talk about the meaning of life and the Universe
  • You feel connected to people who are older
  • You understand that everything is energy
  • You feel that your own spiritual development is a priority in your life
  • You don’t expect others to ‘save you’, you are very independent
  • You know that you could never harm or mistreat someone intentially
  • You naturally aim for positivity
  • People tend to come to you to seek advice
  • You radiate calmness, restless people often become relaxed in your vacinity
  • You know that Earth is a temporary place and that you want to live this life in a very consious way
  • You know that everything is connected
  • You know that the Universe works with synchronicity
  • You feel that you have a team of Spirit guides around you
  • You know that what you do in this life, will affect your future lives
  • You know that worrying and fighting over nothing will slow your development
  • You know that you have the capacity to create a disbalance or illness in your body and that you also thus have the capacity to make your body healthy again or to stay healthy
  • You know you create your own reality
  • You know that you come from Source-energy and that you are still Source-energy in a human body
  • You know that there is no ‘death’ – you know that you only leave your body behind when you die
  • You are not afraid to die for you understand that there is never a separation between yourself – your soul – and those you love
  • You don’t believe in ‘a Hell’ because you understand that Hell doesn’t exist. You understand that the only existing ‘Hell’ is ‘Hell’ you create for yourself
  • You don’t follow any gurus or religions that want you to believe in information based on fear and control. You follow your own gut instinct and you are your own guru

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