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There is energy flowing in and around our body that can sometimes become unbalanced. Everyone knows the lifeless feeling when you have little energy. Through blockades in the energy field of the body or the aura, it is possible that energy can no longer flow freely. This allows you to get the idea that you no longer have energy.

The blockades in the energy field can arise due to various reasons. Unprocessed emotions or experiences, too much stress and stuck patterns have a negative effect on how you feel. It is therefore possible that you become ill or do not feel well physically. In addition, poor sleep, dissatisfaction and lack of energy are also an effect of blockades in the energy field.

Healing can correct various complaints. For example, healing is suitable for physical, emotional and mental complaints. Healing is about restoring the energy and thereby reducing or curing complaints.

The power of healing

With the help of healing it is possible to restore the energy fields of the body and the aura. The energy level is rebalanced and provides vitality. The psychic can restore your energy field and adjust its energy or yours and ensures that your self healing capacity is stimulated. This will remove the blockades in your energy field and you will feel more energetic soon. A healing brings the body in balance, both physically and emotionally and mentally. We always recommend going to a doctor with physical, emotional and mental complaints. A healing can make a positive contribution

Send a photo before or during your reading

We offer the possibility to send a photo during or before your reading. This can be a photo of a deceased loved one or someone you want to ask questions about or even a pet.

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How do I meditate?

Various studies have shown that the brain-function of meditation practioners function at a high level. Meditation practioners often have better mental and emotional health.

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Powerful meditations

We like to share these 3 short meditations with you. If only you knew how powerful your own mind is! Meditating for 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your life.

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