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When do you know whether you are talking to the right psychic?

This question is often asked and the only way to find out is to follow your feelings. As soon as you feel that it clicks between you and the psychic, then it’s okay. Your intuition will always give you a signal.

It certainly helps if you have heard good stories through word of mouth but in addition it has to click between you and the psychic. A good psychic will also be fair if he or she does not receice any information on a certain topic.

‘When you feel a click between you and the psychic then it’s okay’

Prepare a questionnaire in advance. Test yourself during the reading: does it resonates inside you, about what is being said?

And also important: always let the psychic do the talking.

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How do I meditate?

Various studies have shown that the brain-function of meditation practioners function at a high level. Meditation practioners often have better mental and emotional health.

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Ask your question to one of our Psychics

If you have a question about love and romance, work, career, money, children etc. and you rather would like to receive the answers by email; our Psychics also offer email readings.

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Is there a difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

All Mediums are Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums. We are entering a new dimension. We live in exciting times! Our consciousness is growing. Our Psychic Mediums can explain what is happening right now and in the years to come.

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