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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Libra.

The keywords for Libra in 2022: home and family changes – financial opportunities – family expansion – taking love seriously

Why is it so much fun being a Libra?
People love to be around you, and you love people. You are the perfect host or hostess. You like to please everyone, you want everyone to feel comfortable. You’re charming, attractive, and you don’t like arguing. You are creative and you know how to harmonize everything. This is reflected in the design of your home and your clothing style.

Horoscope 2022 for the zodiac sign Libra

The planet Neptune (the planet of dreams, creativity and intuition) resides in your work all year round. This makes you feel attracted to work that you feel spiritually connected to. You are looking for a job that fulfills you. In April and May 2022, the action planet Mars will help to take major steps in this direction. To make your ideas and dreams in the field of work become reality.

The stern but fair planet Saturn will shine his light on your love life throughout 2022. You take love much more seriously because of this. People you don’t feel connected to disappear from your life to make room for people you seriously want to put your love, time and energy into. On April 30 2022, a solar eclipse will take place in your love life, allowing you to deepen relationships and also attract new people into your life. On November 8 2022, a lunar eclipse will take place in your love life and this energy will help you to solve any blockages in intimacy.

For many Libras there has been a lot of changes in your home and family life in recent years. Pluto (the planet of death, rebirth and transformation) will reside, just like the last few years, in your home and family this year. Many scales have moved and you have been transformed in how you view home and family.

The best period to put your plans and ideas into action is January 2022 and the first part of February 2022, because in these weeks you have the action planet Mars by your side. This period gives you that extra dose of courage, energy and perseverance. You can start the new year very actively.

From mid-May to the end of October 2022, lucky planet Jupiter will help you with your relationships. New people will come into your life, also in the field of love. Mars will also be in this sector from the end of May to the beginning of July 2022, giving you more energy to meet new people. You also dare to approach people more easily.


On May 16 2022, there will be a lunar eclipse shining a light on your finances. This is a good time to make your financial picture clearer, but also to repay a loan. On October 25 2022, a solar eclipse will also shine a light on your finances. This energy helps you to create opportunities that allow you to earn more money through different channels.


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