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Gemini Yearly Horoscope 2022

The keywords for Gemini in 2022: golden opportunities at work – giving the past a second chance – transformation subconscious

Why is it so much fun being a Gemini?
You are friendly, easy going and popular. You have plenty of different topics to talk about because your interests are very broad. You are intelligent and a quick thinker. You have a lot of energy and you are good at multitasking. You love people around you and you have a genuine interest in your fellow man.

Horoscope 2022 for the zodiac sign Gemini
Uranus (the planet of revolution, sudden insight and change) has been shining a light on your subconscious for several years now. You will also have this influence this year. Uranus allows you to connect with your subconscious in unconventional and often surprising ways. A deep transformation takes place here, and therefore you sometimes need to be alone for a while to process things. In July 2022 to September 2022 you have a lot of mental energy. This is an ideal time to actively shape your ideas, put your plans into action.
When your ruler, the planet Mercury, is in retrograde, you sometimes feel a little unsettled. A retrograde period can be a great way to give things a second chance. You can meet people from the past. This can be, for example, an ex-partner, with whom you can make a new start. Or, for example, an old employer who is contacting you or you are interested in coming back. In 2022 there will be 4 retrograde periods: mid-January to early February, the second week from May to early June, the second week from September to early October, and late December 2022 to mid-January 2023.

The action planet Mars will also be retrograde in your sign from the end of October 2022 until the end of the year. People around you can be impatient during this period. You may also feel frustration that things are not going the way you want for a while. Especially Gemini born between June 13 and June 20 feel this influence the most. Before Mars goes retrograde in October 2022, it will be running full steam ahead in your sign in August 2022. This means that you have more energy, you can take action and take risks, and make decisions before the retrograde period starts.

Pluto (the planet of death, rebirth and transformation) will reside in your intimacy sector in 2022, just like previous years. This gives the subject of intimacy a completely new meaning for you. You want to put a lot of time and energy into love this year. Also to actively search for a partner if you are single, or to give an old flame a second chance.

Neptune (the planet of dreams, creativity and intuition) resides, just like previous years, in your career. You use your intuition to find out what you really want in the field of work. You will receive help from lucky planet Jupiter in 2022. From January 2022 to mid-May 2022 and in November and December 2022, Jupiter will be helping you in your career. This gives you opportunities and offers related to work. If you want to launch your own product in 2022, put your website live, start your own company, etc., the best time to do this is at the beginning of the year and the end of the year.


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