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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Gemini.

You are, together with Libra and Aquarius, an Air sign. Air stands for action, communication and innovation.

This year, travel is high on the agenda for the zodiac sign Gemini. It can be literally but also via the internet. The further away from home,  the better! Abroad is extremely important to you in 2021. The trips can be business related, because of love or a vacation. But a mix of all this is even possible!

If you make new foreign contacts via the internet, they are just as important as meeting these people in person. You feel a deep soul connection with these foreign people and some will feel to you as masters who have come into your life to provide you with deep knowledge and insights. Your mind is also absolutely open to absorb all that new wisdom and knowledge. If you are a teacher, you can easily attract students. This also applies to workshops, courses and so on. Face to face or online. You can even successfully offer your services worldwide.

In 2021, you feel the need to take your skills in your current profession to the next, higher level by taking classes or a (online) course.

‘You will feel a deep connection with people from abroad in 2021 and some will feel like soul mates and masters to you’

In the months of March and April of 2021, the action planet Mars will be in your sign. Mars resides in your sign once every two years and gives you more energy, courage and passion for a few weeks. Everything you do in March and April (especially when it comes to something new) has great growth potential in the next two years. Use this time when you have the power of Mars by your side.

Although every life has its ups and downs, 2021 feels like a tremendously busy and growth year for you and you feel confident and positive.

Your ruler, the planet Mercury, will retrograde in June 2021, giving you time during this month to slow down and tie up any loose ends you may have left behind during the busy March and April months.

In the last 4 months of 2021, single Gemini has the best chance for an encounter that can develop into a serious and steadfast relationship. Gemini in a committed relationship will do their best in 2021 to bring back and revive the feelings of love that were there at the beginning of the relationship. You want to show your partner how serious your feelings are for him or her.

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