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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Capricorn.

You are, together with Taurus and Virgo an Earth sign. Earth stands for building, creating and being productive.

In recent years, Saturn has been in your sign. At the end of 2020, Saturn will be in the sign of Aquarius, where it will reside for a number of years. Saturn in your sign has caused the things that no longer belonged in your life to disappear. This may have been liberating for you, but it may also have caused uncertainty from time to time. You are – together with Taurus and Virgo – an earth sign, so those changes are viewed with suspicion by you and do not always go very smoothly. You often feel very well what actually needs to be released in your life, but what you, for whatever (unconscious) reason, still hold on to. The influence of Saturn causes it to be released anyway. This planet is not called “strict, but fair” for nothing.

‘From mid-2021, your financial picture will be better than the first half of 21. You are working on a stable and comfortable life this year’

The planet Pluto will be in your sign until 2022. You are undergoing a true transformation. Your life is undoubtedly already very different than five years ago. Facing reality can be tough, but this year isn’t going to be as intense as 2020 was. Capricorns born between January 13 and January 17 will feel the influence of Pluto the most in 2021.

From mid-2021, your financial picture will be better than the first half of ’21. This year you are working on a stable and comfortable life. It’s a good year to invest for Capricorn. Also if you have plans to move or renovate, this is a good year to do so.

Venus will go retrograde in your sign from mid-December, making you a bit more lazy towards the end of the year. You’re busy this year, so ending the end of 2021 at a much slower pace isn’t a bad idea at all. This is also a good time to connect with people from the past you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while.

In 2021, Capricorn will receive a lot of attention, also from potential partners. Single Capricorns start dating with enthusiasm and confidence. You are more often in a romantic mood. You are looking for a partner with whom you also feel a spiritual connection. Capricorns in a committed relationship wants to deepen the bond with the partner this year. The planet Uranus is in the sector of love all year round. The way you express love can change. It’s going to be a rich social life for Capricorns in 2021. You feel a need to better understand the people who are dear to you.

This year your intuitive intelligence will become stronger and your attention will be on various spiritual topics. The need to do more with your creativity is also strongly present in ’21.

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