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Your Personal Soul Script

Your Personal Soul Script send to your email address as a recording.

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.

What is a Personal Soul Script?

We all have a team of Guides by our side. Some of them join you for a short period, others stay with you longer. Your Mainguide however, stays with you your whole lifetime here on earth. You both lovingly agreed that he or
she will guide and support you. You’ve know eachother for a long time and you’ve had previous lives together on earth. He or she knows what you want to achieve in this lifetime. What you want to learn. He or she knows you on a soullevel.
When I make a Personal Soul Script for you, I go into a short meditation and I ask your Mainguide to step forward. Ones the connection is there, I come out of the meditation and I start the recording. I send this recording to your email address. How to order? Click here!
Some of the topics you will hear:
  • Your Guide will tell you who he/she is. The lives you had together on earth. What was your connection? What did you do, your profession, the knowledge you gathered in these lifetimes.
  • Where did you live?
  • What do you want to achieve in this lifetime and how can you do this? Your Guide will give you tools to achieve this.
  • What have you learned so far and what are you learning at this moment?
  • In which ways can you deepen the contact with your Guide?
  • The colours of your aura.
  • What is your soul mission in this lifetime?
  • And much more…
The information is brought in a down-to-earth and loving way and it’s info through which you will understand yourself on a deeper level. How to order? Click here!
If you want to give a Soul Script as a gift to someone else, then I need written permission from that person.

How can I order my Personal Soul Script?

What do I need to make your Personal Soul Script? Only your photo and first name. That’s all. You can send your photo to
Please state in your email that you want a Personal Soul Script.

After I have received your email, I will send you a PayPal payment request.
A Personal Soul Script is $ 99

After I’ve made your Soul Script I will delete your photo. You can expect your Personal Soul Script within two weeks after your payment.


Hello Barbara,
How nice! Funny that the recording came today, on the birthday of our daughter and actually I already knew that.
I am really impressed. What a recognition and what a nice messages! I can confirm everything you say.
Had to laugh at the end. You said my guide said ‘Namaste’ and bowed with folded hands. Exactly what I always do after yoga at home. I always say this on purpose. That he did that felt like a wink haha.
Thank you very much for this.

Hi Barbara,

I wanted to send you a message to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading.
It has touched me immensely that things that I always ‘knew’, thus also prove to be completely true. Everything was spot on.

I’ve been busy with my spiritual and personal growth and your reading helps me enormously! I feel that I’m in a kind of transformation phase, phase of development and that I need to turn inwards from time to time.

As long as I can remember I feel that I am ‘different’ than others, I feel like I live my life on a deeper level. That also turns out to be true! What a special thing to know that I am clairvoyant, but it doesn’t surprise me at all.

I also always have the feeling that I ‘belong’ in Europe. I just ‘know’ and I’ve said that to my parents many times, without being able to explain it in an earthly way.

But also the quick thinking and scanning of people and even the connection with the French language you talked about (I really ‘have something with this language’). I have recently decided to learn French, without being able to explain this to myself. I just followed my gut feeling. Unbelievable you could sense this.

It has become a bit of a personal message, but I wanted to let you know that it turns out that you really understand your profession and that you have helped me tremendously. Thanks again.


Love, C

Dear Barbara,

THANKS from the bottom of my SOUL for your Email reading.
It is nice to be able to feel so close to you and that you have been able to do this for me.
It was as if you were visiting me because you spoke instead of write!
It’s so different to hear what you say than to read words, besides it’s very nice to hear your beautiful warm voice.
I want to let everything sink in and I really enjoyed the healing effect that this gift carries!
Great thanks to my loyal guides and to you dear Barbara.

I wish you all Good, Light and Love with deep gratitude


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