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Everyone knows the concept of karma and is used by many people in statements. Karma stands for ‘something you get back’. The concept is originally from Hinduism and Buddhism. With karma it is a physical or mental act. Every act in life that we carry out has consequences. Most people know the term in a negative way: if you do something wrong it comes back to you. But it can also occur in a positive way: because whoever does well meets well.

Build up karma

Karma can also have consequences in subsequent lives. You take the karma you have built up in your current life to the next life. When your soul reincarnates you also take into account the accumulated karma, this can be both negative and positive karma. Especially spiritual and highly sensitive people are often consciously engaged in lessons that we learn in life. You have consequences for all the actions you carry out. If we do good things for each other, we get good things in return. Karma is therefore in your own hands and you can influence this yourself.

Affect karma

Are you burdened by the consequences of the choices you or others make? Then check whether the choices you make are also the right ones. Are you happy with what you do and who you are? Only you are in charge of your own life and can make the right choices. By doing good things for each other and ourselves we create good karma.

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