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The Brain versus the Higher Self

Your brain (mind, thinking) is designed with regard to your life path to show you how things have happened. Your brain is not designed to understand how things are going to happen in your life – it is designed to sense how things have happened.

Your Higher Self that – like your brain – is part of who you are, has the ability to understand how things come to you. You do not have to worry about how or when things come to you because there is no way how you can find out. Your brain does not have this capacity and is also unable to create ideas. Every idea or impulse you ever had didn’t come from your thinking but from your Higher Self. Your brain can only sense what the result of the idea or impulse is.

‘What your Higher Self has in store for you is something you could never think of yourself’

If you begin to understand this relationship between your brain and your HS, you can become an open channel for the information that is transmitted from the Universe to your HS. To start thinking about it with your brain, is often the opposite of what your HS wants to tell you. The flow of ideas, impulses, inspiration and so on.

So you never have to worry and ask yourself HOW things are going to happen, your HS takes care of that. How? By passing on an idea to you, an impulse, a sudden need to do something, contact someone, write down an idea, and so on. What your HS wants to do with you is something you could never think of yourself from your brain. Let your HS how you what every new step is. That is the job of your HS.

It can seem completely illogical what the HS tells you. This is a matter of having confidence in your HS.

‘If we are in a negative flow then we think in limitation, the Higher Self’ always ’thinks’ in abundance’

Your brain is an important aspect of you but understand what the function of the brain is. If we are in a negative flow then we think in limitation, the HS always ‘thinks’ in abundance.

The HS is also an aspect of you and now that you know this you may be willing to listen to this more, instead of listening to your brain. If you start to listen and start to trust what your HS indicates then you will quickly notice that your life is starting to accelerate. You start to get more energy and you will experience a feeling of freedom. For example, people and situations that can lead you further suddenly come ‘out of the blue’ on your path. If you start listening to your HS and start to act on it, positive opportunities will soon come into your life. Possibilities that you could never have thought possible with your brain and could never have thought of yourself.

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