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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Virgo.

You are, together with Taurus and Capricorn an Earth sign. Earth stands for building, creating and being productive.

The year 2021 for Virgo is all about hard work. Virgos are hard workers anyway and this year you are working even harder than usual. And although you will not see a direct result of all your hard work right at the beginning of the year, the harvest will be above expectations and spectacular.

Around the second half of 2021, you will slowly but surely start to reap the benefits of all your hard work and your unbridled commitment. Once you start to see results, it will feel a little less stressful on you.

You have to be careful with your health when you work so hard. The challenge in 2021 is to keep your health & energy and your hard work in balance. This could be one of your most productive years ever. Stop and take a break as soon as you begin to feel that your body starts to give you signs. Be extra kind to yourself and leave your desk and office every hour for a couple of minutes to refresh.

Because you work so much in 2021, you can be accused by the people in your immediate environment of being a workaholic. People can feel neglected. This year you are a workaholic and you feel an enormous drive to work every hour of the day. A good way to recharge before returning to work mode is a short breath of fresh air in nature. You are an earth sign and therefore you charge quickly when you are outside.
If you have a job or higher calling that you love and adore: you’ll have wings this year. But even then, the warning still applies not to go beyond your physical limits.

‘Money will come to you very easily in 2021. It will therefore be a stable financial year for you’

This year is not really a year where you go out to have fun. You have more tasks than usual and your organizational talent will go to version 2.0 in 2021.

You prefer to work alone so that you have to make as few compromises as possible with others. You’re not in the mood for that this year.

Money will come to you very easily in 2021. It will therefore be a stable financial year for you. You feel when a situation is too risky and you won’t be fooled.

You will also grow spiritually this year. This has been going on for a number of years and this development will steadily continue in the coming years.

Although 2021 is not a powerful year for love and marriage, you will still experience a lot of love and affection. Single Virgos will be drawn this year to people who are creative, artistic and rebellious. In the strangest places, where you don’t expect it at all, you can meet new love.

The Virgos in a steady relationship want to gain new experiences within the relationship. Since the focus from the universe is not very strong on love this year, you will not experience any dramatic events in this area.

From August to mid-September 2021, the Action planet Mars will be in Virgo, strengthening your energy, self-confidence and motivation. You dare to take more initiative and everything you start in August can turn into a success within the next two years.

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