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Free annual horoscope 2020

Also read the 2020 horoscope of your ascendant. This is just as important as your sun sign. Don’t you know what your ascendant is? You can calculate your ascendant for free via

The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn

The year 2020 is very important because this year marks the beginning of a new era: the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. This initiates a new cycle of 20 years. This conjunction will mainly affect the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). This also applies for your ascendant ormoon in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer.

Jupiter and Saturn are the great rulers of time. They determine the rhythm of culture and history. These conjunctions happen every 20 years and they represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

Free horoscope 2020 Virgo

The astrological influences in 2020 for Virgo sunsign, and also moon and ascendant in Virgo

The year 2020 is a stimulating year in which you will discover which work and leisure routines suit you best. A different and healthier daily routine can give you a liberating feeling. You can enjoy more of life in 2020 and not just work hard. Your career can also be subject to change. If you do not change your career, you change the way you do your work.

This year there will be a revision in your relationship sector. At some moments in 2020 this can happen very quickly and without cause. You will hardly notice that some people have disappeared from your life. New, sometimes eccentric and unusual people come into your life in 2020.

In 2020 you will take more risks in terms of money. It is a good year to trade, buy and sell. You will enjoy the harvest. You are going to create a solid financial basis. Crowd funding abroad can also be very successful.

2020 Is all about your creativity, but it is also the year of fertility if you have decided to expand your family. This can also relate to being pregnant with ideas. It is time to invest in leisure activities.

Having fun with your loved one and vacation with the kids will also be a lot of fun this year. Take all the time for pleasure and spoil yourself. It will inspire you so much that when you go back to work you will be all the more productive. Your ideas can be gold mines. There are times in 2020 when you can really work less to earn more and this will often be the case this year.

Your ideas can be gold mines in 2020

The serious conjunction of Saturn conjunct Pluto on January 12 2020 can work a bit like a serious father in this fun sector. For example, what can happen is that you put pressure on your partner to make a commitment, or your partner demands this from you.

Jupiter travels through your 5th house practically all year round until December 20, 2020. Someone from your past may come your way, it may be that you have karma to resolve with him or her. Your chances are good to attract a permanent partner in 2020 as a single Virgo.

Virgo August 23 – September 22

You are a neat and meticulous person who seeks order and perfection in everything. If you want to be of service in a practical way, then you are suitable to be an assistant instead of the person in the foreground.

Through your critical skills and eye for detail you will find recognition and fulfillment. You can sometimes get lost in unnecessary details and paralysis by analyzing. Your goal is to help and be of service.

You are at your best where method and routine are required. You are an excellent researcher, analyst or technician. Because you are so attached to habit and routine, you are predictable. If your daily routine is disrupted you can get grumpy. You want people to do things on time and have routine.

Because you are such a perfectionist, it is important that you realize that others do not meet your standards of perfection and hygiene.

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