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Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2022

The keywords for Taurus in 2022: career breakthrough – new opportunities through new relationships – closing the old and starting the new

Why is it so much fun being a Taurus?
You are loyal, very determined, strong and have the best stamina of all zodiac signs. You are also resilient: adversity makes you even stronger. Your ruling planet Venus rules money and love, and Taurus knows how to find both. You know how to make your dreams come true, even (or maybe especially) if that requires a lot of patience and stamina from you.

Horoscope 2022 for the zodiac sign Taurus
Uranus (the planet of revolution, sudden insight, rebellion and change) has been in Taurus for several years now. This will remain so in the coming years, after which Uranus will move to Gemini, and stay there for a number of years. Uranus is causing major changes worldwide and in your personal life. The Bulls born before April 30th have already felt this in their personal lives. Taurus born between April 30th and May 9th will experience many changes in 2022. It is a challenge for Taurus to keep up with changes. Try to be open and positive about all changes, because in the end they all work in your favor.
This year there will be a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse in your sign. The solar eclipse will fall at the end of April 2022 and the lunar eclipse will fall in the first week of November 2022. During the solar eclipse you can expect new possibilities and opportunities on your path, also in the field of love. During the lunar eclipse you close old things that no longer add value in your life.

The action planet Mars is in your zodiac sign from early July 2022 to mid-August 2022. You get a lot of energy during this period. You make decisions more easily and you are willing to take risks. This could be the most fertile time of the year for you, also in love. In any case, you already have extra mental energy this year. You feel the need to have a full agenda and to communicate with many different people.

2022 is a good financial year for Taurus. Many Bulls will see their income double. It is also a good year to start investing, eg in real estate. For the past three years you have been busy firmly anchoring your career. You have probably planted many seeds and in 2022 you will reap the benefits. You may have already been able to reap the first fruits in 2021. All your hard work has not been in vain.

The planet Saturn (the strict but fair planet) will shine his light on your career in 2022. So you will continue to work hard and serious, in which nothing is just thrown into your lap. With the influence of Saturn it seems that your plans will never be rewarded but the opposite is true. If you persevere, you will get more than you hoped for. Especially from the beginning of February 2022 to mid-May 2022 you can expect a huge increase in your finances.


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