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Dear Taurus, here is your 2019 free horoscope.

Which astrological influences can you expect in 2019? 

It is important to also read the horoscope of your ascendant and moon sign, for they are just as important in terms of influence as your sun sign. This way you get a better overall picture of the astrological influences in your life. If you want to calculate your moonsign and ascendant, we recommend You can calculate your birthchart for free on this website.

Sunsign Taurus – Moon in Taurus – Ascendant in Taurus


Faithful, Patient, Generous, Reliable, Go-getter

From March 2019 the planet Uranus is staying in your sign for many years. Uranus stands among other things for radical changes and flashes of insight. Your life will therefore be characterized by major changes that will take place in the coming years. Not only in your personal life but worldwide. Taurus is an earth sign and therefore does not like big changes. Uranus ensures that you leave your comfort zone and that can be very refreshing. If Uranus will be in Gemini from 2026 and you look back on the years that are coming now, then you will see that you are a different person and that all changes were necessary in your life. You do things differently than before, you have become more independent. You are going to release yourself from everything that does not suit you anymore. Sometimes really radical break aways.

If the sudden changes in your life feel too intense for you, make sure that you stay grounded. For example working in the garden, staying in nature is a very good way. Feeling connected to the earth ensures that you find your old familiar Taurus-stability again.

From the middle of February and March, the actionplanet Mars will also be in your sign. You have more energy, more enthusiasm and courage. You can also be very direct. Sometimes too direct. Beware of arguments that you will regret later.

Pluto and Saturn are – just like in 2018 – in the sector of your Higher thinking, Higher learning. You continue to learn in a serious and intense way. You will share your knowledge with others. You learn and you grow, for some this will bring about a true transformation.

Keywords for Taurus in 2019:

great changes, excitement, mystical attraction, university of life, intense banking, career authenticity

The lucky planet Jupiter stays almost all year in your intimacy sector, making the emotional bond in your relationships deeper and deeper. If you are single, your preference in 2019 will go to someone where you feel a strong emotional and physical attraction. You also prefer someone with a touch of mystery around him or her.

When Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in 2020, you will see that 2019 was the year in which you acquired an enormous amount of wisdom. What you will learn in 2019 will really lay the foundation for interaction with highly educated people (educated on soul level), international clients and connections.

Contacts that you establisch abroad in 2019 will prove to be supportive far into the future. These people will feel like ‘coming home’ for you.

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