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In life, some couples are more compatible than others. The same goes for astrology. You can’t be compatible with everyone. A synastry report gives you an interpreted partnership horoscope to see how well you fit together with your partner. It is an in-depth analysis of both your birth charts that goes way deeper than just star signs.

What is synastry?

Synastry is the branch of astrology that deals with relationships by laying two birth charts on top of each other to check compatibility and see how well they fit. It’s about examining where your partners planets were located in relation to yours at birth and interpreting the outcome. It shows the position of the Sun, Moon and planets as a map of the galaxy at the exact time of birth. Compared to a birth chart, a synastry chart is visually equal (a 360-degree wheel divided into 12 sections), except for the fact that there are twice as many elements.
Ideally, certain strong compatibility indicators should be mixed with some challenging or more demanding combinations as to keep a good balance. Strong indicators of compatibility include specific combinations, trines or similar signs and elements. Synastry is all about how people affect one another individually and how they connect. If you would only look at a birth chart, you can find what someone is looking for in love. But synastry goes deeper and shows you how you push each other’s buttons.

Compatibility indicators

In synastry, these are a few classic compatibility indicators which are harmonious aspects between the Sun and Moon, Venus and the Moon or love planets Mars and Venus. The signs can reveal whether sexual attraction and compatibility is weak or powerful. Having a similar star signs means a way of supporting rather than antagonizing each other. Opposite star signs on the other hand can reveal how partners stimulate each other in the relationship, whether this occurs by fascination, complementing or challenging each other or the way they communicate. Not only star signs, but also Earth signs such as Air, Water en Fire play a major role in what can attract us to someone and make a relationship work.
Compatibility will be assessed in many different areas of the relationship including: friendship, attraction, communication and more. A light will shine on weaknesses and strengths.

How to receive your free synastry report

free synastry report

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