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3-card reading: Spirit guides carddeck

What do your Spirit guides want you to know?
What do they want to tell you at this moment in your life?


Try to see that you are very different but that these differences do not stand in the way of a relationship between you. On the contrary; you complement each other very well because you differ so much from each other. Opposites do not always attract, but in your case this is true. Nobody is perfect and accepting someone despite the differences is a valuable insight. You feel when personal characteristics are unacceptable and that is not the case right now. Do you also see and feel that?

Letting go of negative energy.

We (your Guides) find it very annoying for you that you are currently dealing with jealous and disgruntled people around you. Be aware that you have what they want. You do what they would like to do and you are who they would like to be. Do not take it personally. This says everything about them but nothing about you. Try to separate yourself from these people because their presence doesn’t add anything in your life. It pulls your energy down and that is not the intention. Let them go so people with positive energy can enter your life.

Also, understand that when you have jealous people around you that this is a huge compliment for you. Nobody is jealous about losers. They have no clue that they are giving you a huge compliment by being jealous of you. Also, these jealous people are stuck in this emotion. So while you keep continue to grow, they stand still. Another good reason to separate yourself from them.

Healing hands

You are a natural born healer. You have very high healing energy around you from spiritguides who were also healers on earth many many years ago. They let their pure healing energy go through your hands and you do not have anything else except to be a channel between these guides and the people on earth who need your help.

It is important that the colours around you are soft. The colours in your interior. Or the colours you wear during a healingsession. For example, soft pastel colours.
Because of these soft colours you are much more open to the energy from the
universe and you give the healing energy so much more powerfully to the
people you are helping.

If you already help people with your healing energy, then this is a confirmation
for you that you don’t have to doubt yourself.

If you are wondering if you really can help people then this is your confirmation
that you absolutely can!

What is so beautiful about the way you work is that you see the person as
healthy. No matter how sick they are. That is how a true healer works.

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Have fun with these readings and remember that they are for entertainment only.

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