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3-card reading: Spirit guides carddeck

What do your Spirit guides want you to know?
What do they want to tell you at this moment in your life?

The Cycle of Life

You will soon notice that your circle of friends is going to change. Maybe you feel and notice this already? People who no longer match with your energy will leave your life and please do not feel sorry about this. This is meant to be. This is the natural cycle of life and new people will enter your life. New people who match your energy. Don’t hold on to people who want to leave your life. You don’t have to hold on. Go with the flow..go with the cycle of life.

Within now and a couple of years your group of people, your inner circle will change. You will meet new soulmates, grow to a next level of awareness because of your interaction with these new soulmates. It’s all positive, all is well.

Living consciously

We – your guides – want to emphasize how important it is to live consciously. We see that you are already aware of this and we want to encourage you to take this to the next level. You are ready for this. Take time for every decision. Find a quiet place and literally put both feet on the ground. Breathe deep in and out several times, until you notice that your breathing is calm. Then ask yourself the question you have at that moment. If you create silence within yourself, your heart answers.

From your heart you live consciously and the choices you make then give you inner security and strength, so that you feel that you make choices from your heart more and more easily. Do not look at how others do it. Each path is unique. You already notice that you are a totally different person than you were a couple of years ago. You feel that you find it difficult to ignore your instinct. That feeling will grow the coming years. You are becoming more and more yourself, who you really are.

Temporary time-out

This period in which you feel a bit lonely is not without a reason. You can take a break and gain strength. Take care of yourself during this period. You have worked very hard on yourself lately. Now you can rest. Soon you will step outside again and you will need the strength and energy that you are now collecting.

You can see this as silence before the storm. Your energy supply is currently being replenished. Give your body and mind this necessary rest and be very kind to yourself. Drink lots of water. Meditate daily if you can. Start a journal. Watch things that make you laugh. Sleep more than usual if you feel that your body needs this.

Within now and three months you will enter a new phase that demands alot of your energy. This is a temporary time-out.

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