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3-card reading: Spirit guides carddeck

What do your Spirit guides want you to know?
What do they want to tell you at this moment in your life?

Share your knowledge

Why do you often wonder how you are able to give the most striking answers, so that you think; ‘where do I get this information from??’
This information is coming from deep inside of you, from your soul, from your Higher Self. It comes from all the experiences you have gained in many, many previous lives.

You are an old and wise soul with a big invisible backpack, full of experience, knowledge and wisdom. You think it’s a coincidence that people often ask you for advice don’t you? It’s no coincidence at all.They somehow feel that you can help them with your backpack of experience. That’s why they start talking to you and share their life stories. Share your knowledge because it is very valuable!

You also should work (more) with your creativity. Because your creativity is also inspired from above; the Universe, your Spirit Guides, your soul and Higher Self. It will bring you more fullfilment, more inner peace, more great ideas on every area in
your life.

Letting go of negative energy.

We (your Guides) find it very annoying for you that you are currently dealing with jealous and disgruntled people around you. Be aware that you have what they want. You do what they would like to do and you are who they would like to be. Do not take it personally. This says everything about them but nothing about you. Try to separate yourself from these people because their presence doesn’t add anything in your life. It pulls your energy down and that is not the intention. Let them go so people with positive energy can enter your life.

Also, understand that when you have jealous people around you that this is a huge compliment for you. Nobody is jealous about losers. They have no clue that they are giving you a huge compliment by being jealous of you. Also, these jealous people are stuck in this emotion. So while you keep continue to grow, they stand still. Another good reason to separate yourself from them.

Energy boost

Yes, we know that you have a very busy life with lots of responsibilities.
That is why this message is for you. Without you noticing it immediately, you are exhausting yourself and that is not the intention.

We – your guides- want you to start meditating daily. This will give you
more energy. This doesn’t have to be longer than 15 to 20 minutes per day.
You probably think; but I have no time to meditate! I have to keep doing
what I am doing and don’t have time for a break!

But what you will notice is that you can finish your to-do list much faster
and with more energy if you book 15 to 20 minutes a day for yourself.
And do this at that moment that you think your head is really overflowing.
That’s when you need it the most.

If you make a habit out of this, then it also has long term positive effects
on your mental and physical health. In fact; meditating on a daily basis can
and will turn your life around.

If you find it difficult to empty your head
and stop all the thoughts from running around in your head, you can listen to
soft music. You have to force yourself to listen to the music.

Your brain can not listen to the music and continu to fill your head with
new thoughts. It just can’t do these two things at the same time. Don’t give up if you notice that it takes you a couple of minutes or longer to force yourself to listen to the music. That’s because
your brain doesn’t want to be quiet. But you can force your brain to be

Focus on the music. Focus on your breathing. Your body and spirit will say:
Thank you! Thank you for creating balance again. If you want to read why meditating is so healthy for you then you might find this interesting:

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Have fun with these readings and remember that they are for entertainment only.

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