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3-card reading: Spirit guides carddeck

What do your Spirit guides want you to know?
What do they want to tell you at this moment in your life?

Thank you

Yes, we thank you because you hold us in your heart just as we hold you in our hearts. You are so dear to us and we feel very happy that we are your guides. Our love for you is endless and you are so precious to us. Before you were born we made the agreement with you that we would be your guides in this lifetime. You know us from previous lifetimes, we share a deep friendship and soul connection that goes back for centuries.

When you are born, you forget everything about us so that you start your life on earth with a clean slate. You forget who you were before you were born, what you want to learn in this lifetime, what your soul mission is and so on.

We always help you to rediscover all the things you want to do. And you are aware of us. So we feel the interaction between us which makes you go through life in a far more aware state. More aware about who you are and what you want to achieve in this lifetime.

Only you can look into your own heart

What stops you from doing what you would like to do?
There is no danger at all if you follow your heart. On the contrary! Your destination is where your heart is trying to lead you now. Try not to listen to the opinion of others. Others can not look into your heart and they can not see or know what your life path is. They mean well, but they do not know what they are talking about. Only you know what to do. You bear responsibility for your own life.

Your mind, your brain wants to tell you a different story. But your mind doesn’t know where your soul wants to go. So they can pull you in two different directions. Listen only to the voice of your own heart.

Here you can read about the difference between your brain and your soul, your Higher Self here

New life phase

‘I do not know what life will bring me or what life actually wants from me?’

You have often asked yourself this question lately. We – your guides – are busy preparing you and everything around you for your new phase in life. We work with synchronisity so we have to make sure that everything will fall into place for you at the exact right time.

Before a new phase of life starts, you may feel that you are living in no man’s land. If you wait patiently and you do not let your courage drop you will quickly notice what we mean when we say that a new phase of life is coming for you. Trust and patience, that is all you need now. We will take care of everything else.

This new phase will first take place in one area in your life and then other areas in your life automatically start to follow. Thus you will undergo a big transformation the coming years. Huge changes for you and for the people you love. And don’t worry they are all positive.

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