3-card reading: Spirit guides carddeck

What do your Spirit guides want you to know?
What do they want to tell you at this moment in your life?

Make your own choices

Sometimes people make choices in life because this is what is expected of them. You have recently learned that these choices not always have been your own choices. You wanted to get, or retain the approval of others. Now you feel that it is time to make choices that come from your heart. Only you know what is good for you. And even though nobody may agree with your choices, you are determined to go your own way. Nothing can happen, you are safe. This is not wishful thinking, we – your guides – want to tell you that you are really safe!

If you keep making choices that come from your heart, you will experience a huge transformation in the next two to three years. Don’t be scared to follow your heart because everything you have always wanted will show up in your life if you listen
to your heart. And we do mean everything!

And as an extra bonus, you will also inspire other people. They will look at you, see your success and start to follow your example.

Learn to close yourself off

You are like a sponge.
You feel all the energies and emotions around you. Because of this you sometimes do not know which energy or emotion belongs to you and which belongs to another person. Let us – your spirit guides – help you to close off every day for the energies
around you.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself being surrounded by a big circle. This circle encloses you completely. You can give this circle any colour you want. Around this circle you visualize another circle, and this circle is made of solid gold. Then another circle of silver. Silver reflects everything away from you.

You can ask us to keep away all the energies that are not yours. You will really notice the difference if you do this every day. Should you go somewhere where it is very busy, ask for extra protection
before you go there. If you have a child or children, you can visualize them and protect them also with the three different circles around them.

Temporary time-out

This period in which you feel a bit lonely is not without a reason. You can take a break and gain strength. Take care of yourself during this period. You have worked very hard on yourself lately. Now you can rest. Soon you will step outside again and you will need the strength and energy that you are now collecting.

You can see this as silence before the storm. Your energy supply is currently being replenished. Give your body and mind this necessary rest and be very kind to yourself. Drink lots of water. Meditate daily if you can. Start a journal. Watch things that make you laugh. Sleep more than usual if you feel that your body needs this.

Within now and three months you will enter a new phase that demands alot of your energy. This is a temporary time-out.

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Have fun with these readings and remember that they are for entertainment only.

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