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Share your knowledge

Why do you often wonder how you are able to give the most striking answers, so that you think; ‘where do I get this information from??’
This information is coming from deep inside of you, from your soul, from your Higher Self. It comes from all the experiences you have gained in many, many previous lives.

You are an old and wise soul with a big invisible backpack, full of experience, knowledge and wisdom. You think it’s a coincidence that people often ask you for advice don’t you? It’s no coincidence at all.They somehow feel that you can help them with your backpack of experience. That’s why they start talking to you and share their life stories. Share your knowledge because it is very valuable!

You also should work (more) with your creativity. Because your creativity is also inspired from above; the Universe, your Spirit Guides, your soul and Higher Self. It will bring you more fullfilment, more inner peace, more great ideas on every area in
your life.

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Have fun with these readings and remember that they are for entertainment only.

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