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I know you will love these meditations

There are many different kind of meditations. I would like to share these 3 because I think they are powerful. It can help to listen to soft and quiet background music and force yourself to listen to the music so that you are not distracted by your thinking. Your mind must be quiet.

  1. During this meditation you first make sure that your breathing is calm and your mind quiet. Then you visualize that your Spirit Guide is sitting behind you and puts his or her hands soft and lovingly on your shoulders. During this meditation, you ask your guide to let the Universal Love flow through your body. You also ask whether you can receive a healing from him/her at the same time. You can experience tingling, goosebumps and/or a warm loving feeling through your entire body.

‘If only you knew how powerful you are!’

  1. During this meditation you let your imagination run free and wild. You are going to imagine where you would like to be within the next two years. Where do you want to live? With whom? Where do you want to work within the next two years? What do you want to achieve? What does your body look like? And so on. What you can visualize and what you can daydream is your Higher Self saying to you: this can become your reality. Because what you can’t daydream, is also not your future reality.

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  1. During this meditation you will pay a visit to all your organs, one by one. You ask every organ; how are you? What do you need from me to function optimal? Go to your kidneys, your liver, your heart, your stomach, your intestins and so on. Ask every organ how they are doing and how you can be of help. Your organ will give you a feeling, or show you an image, words can also enter your mind. The organ will indicate what it needs. Maybe you see a glass of water as an image in your head. So this means they need more water. Maybe you hear the word Love, so they need more love and attention. You can start sending love right away during the meditation to that specific organ. Everything is energy and all your organs have a consciousness. If your mind is silent, you can communicate between your own consciousness and the consciousness of your organ. Do this every few months, build a bond with your body and your organs. They work for you and want to work with you. Together with you they form a loving team. If only you knew how powerful you are! Meditating in itself already has many advantages, let alone if you meditate and communicate with your organ. You can also do this every now and then with your Chakras. You ask every Chakra; what do you need from me to function (even) better?

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Here you can see a list of all the organs in your body:

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