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Near Death Experience

A near death experience is also called an NDE and is an experience in which a person is near death. It is a spiritual experience that can occur during the dying process, a period of clinical death or no apparent reason. Not everyone experiences an almost dead experience the same or in full consciousness. During a near death experience, people can experience different spiritual experiences.

There are people who have experienced an almost dead experience. Some have experienced the same experience but it can be different for everyone. Most people who have had a near death experience have experienced this as pleasant. They felt warmth and love, did not suffer from illness and pain, and they made a reunion with loved ones.

Several near death experiences

What many people experience with a near death experience is that they feel that they leave the body and go through a dark tunnel or space. They were attracted by a light at the end of the dark tunnel. During the near death experience, beautiful landscapes and colors could be seen. In addition, people have also heard music. It also happens that life is played like a movie or that a preview of the remaining life is shown. There are people who are met at the end of the tunnel by deceased loved ones.

A task in life

Some people have become aware during the near death experience that no return is possible when crossing the border. They were sent back by the deceased loved ones or people they met or came to this realization. Often, the person who has a near death experience still has a task in life that must be fulfilled. Then the person returns to the body and is back on earth again.

A near death experience can be positive and the place where people found themselves during the experience is often described as a paradise or heaven. Yet there are also people who have experienced the experience negatively. It is possible that fear arises during the near death experience. This is how people experience that they stay in darkness, linger in the tunnel, fall or hear scary sounds.

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