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Think about your question before you click on the cards. The cards are not past, present and future; you must interpret them as a combined story in your Now.

Ask yourself the question

Are you honest to yourself in this situation? Could it be that you are with your partner for the wrong reason? For example, financial or emotional dependence? Afraid of being alone? Afraid of financial shortfall? Is it better to be unhappy together than being happy alone? Do you think you are not worth more than this?

Ask yourself these questions and give honest answers to yourself. Happiness and love is your birthright and you are also entitled to this, just like everyone else. Life is far too short – no matter how old you will become – to stay somewhere were you know it won’t make you happy. By beginning to ask yourself these questions you are making a start with positive changes in your life.

Courage and willpower

You are a courageous and brave person.
The step you took or the step you almost want to make, requires courage and willpower. You know this is your path and that it will take you further. There is no turning back for you anymore. Staying in this situation doesn’t bring you anywhere and after a long reflection you now know that standing still is decline. You walk like a courageous warrior step by step on your path and you do not shy away from any obstacles.

Keep it up (as if you could do otherwise!) because at the end of this road the rewards are waiting for you in many different forms. Within 12 months your life will look totally different and you will be so happy and so proud of yourself that you took that step. Everything will fall into place. That is the promise that the Universe gives to people who dare to follow their hearts.

The real reason

People are brought together on earth for many different reasons.

The person with regard to your question has come into your life for a different reason than you think.People tend to make a story in their mind, while the real story is often different. It is not the intention that the two of you get a love affair. The real reason will become clear to you in the near future. This person is very important for you and through your interaction, you will learn and grow. Do not be sad that a love relationship isn’t the reason you have met this person, it just means that your future partner is yet to come.

The universe does not forget you and your heart desires!

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