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Think about your question before you click on the cards. The cards are not past, present and future; you must interpret them as a combined story in your Now.


Try to see that you are very different but that these differences do not stand in the way of a relationship between you. On the contrary; you complement each other very well because you differ so much from each other. Opposites do not always attract, but in your case this is true. Nobody is perfect and accepting someone despite the differences is a valuable insight. You feel when personal

Do you also see and feel that? 

What do you need?

Are you aware that you need a lot more space and time for yourself than you actually want to admit to yourself? It is very enlightening if you know exactly what you need. This has nothing to do with egoism, this is called caring for yourself and treating yourself with respect. It can help to make a list with the things that you need to stay in balance and feel happy. The clearer you know this, the clearer you can express this to the people around you.

Not alone anymore

You are tired of going through life alone. You are not dissatisfied with your life, but you do miss that special person in your life. Your time is coming because love is about to enter your life. This is a soulmate, you know each other from several previous lives. Before you were born, you agreed that you would meet again in this life. To continue your love relationship that you had in a previous life. You will experience (again) what it is like to give and receive love from a partner.

It will be a relationship on an equal level on all areas. Begin by consciously saying goodbye to this period in your life of being single. This period was very important for you. You have learned so much about yourself. See how much you have grown and as a result you attract a different kind of partner than before. This new growth ensures that you are now ready to encounter love in a totally new, mature and different way.

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Have fun with these readings and remember that they are for entertainment only.


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