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Think about your question before you click on the cards. The cards are not past, present and future; you must interpret them as a combined story in your Now.

No more

You really did your utmost to improve this situation. When you started to see that no improvement was possible, you continued bravely with the hope that better times would come. You now know that this will never come and because of that you are now ready to continue with your life and leave this situation behind you.

You can mourn at your own pace and take all the time you need. In your heart you knew that you were on a dead-end road. That you were carrying water to the sea. Soon the sun will shine again for you, even though that is hard to believe for you right now. But you really have to rely on this. Because once you make a decision, the Universe will start to bring opportunities in your life. That is the reward of the Universe because you made a decision.

Fake fears

You are currently seeing problems on your path. These problems are unreal and only exist in your head. You have created them yourself in your mind. Please understand that your mind sometimes likes to think doom. Especially when there is a full moon or new moon coming or when you are tired.

It can help if you ask yourself the question: what is the worst thing that could happen to me regarding this subject? You are dealing with old fears and old patterns that have nothing to do with current reality. They cost you a lot of energy and steal your happiness. It colors your future unnecessarily dark. What a waste of time!

Try to understand that 99% of the things you now worry about will never ever happen. Focus on fun things and you will see that your fears solve like snow in the sun because your fears are not real. Raise your middle finger to your fear, that sometimes helps too. And also remember what FEAR means: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Ask yourself the question

Are you honest to yourself in this situation? Could it be that you are with your partner for the wrong reason? For example, financial or emotional dependence? Afraid of being alone? Afraid of financial shortfall? Is it better to be unhappy together than being happy alone? Do you think you are not worth more than this?

Ask yourself these questions and give honest answers to yourself. Happiness and love is your birthright and you are also entitled to this, just like everyone else. Life is far too short – no matter how old you will become – to stay somewhere were you know it won’t make you happy. By beginning to ask yourself these questions you are making a start with positive changes in your life.

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Have fun with these readings and remember that they are for entertainment only.


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