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Think about your question before you click on the cards. The cards are not past, present and future; you must interpret them as a combined story in your Now.

The depth of your soul

When you meet a soulmate, it often happens that parts of your soul are touched by this soulmate. Parts of your soul you were never aware of. This is one of the signs that you have met a soulmate. And this can cause confusion or fear. But don’t be scared or confused because these parts of you want to come to the surface right now. It’s time for this to happen.

This card tells you that you have recently met your soulmate or that you will meet him or her in the near future. Before the both of you were born, you lovingly agreed that you would meet eachother in this lifetime. Don’t be scared or turned off by these emotions, your Higher Self knows what is coming. You are ready for this, your soul is ready for this. You are going to experience the depth of your soul. You are going to experience a sense of wholeness because you met your soulmate. And also vica versa; he or she will experience exactly the same. You want to grow together as a couple. And you will.


Unfortunately, not all people are sincere and honest. Sometimes we have to deal with people who hold different standards and values that are at odds with your own standards and values. Try to disconnect from this situation and person, because this is not a healthy situation for you.

Feel and notice that your soul only wants to deal with pure people. Release the negative people so that there is room for people who, just like you, are predominantly positive about life.Positive people let your energy flow faster, you are lifted by them.

With negative, insincere and dishonest people you can get a weird feeling in your stomach area and you feel that something isn’t right. Always trust that feeling! You can feel the need to keep your arms in front of your body, hold a hand on your stomach or in front of your solar plexus for protection. Watch your feelings and your body language, this says more than a thousand words. Trust your instinct, it is protecting you.

The real reason

People are brought together on earth for many different reasons.

The person with regard to your question has come into your life for a different reason than you think.People tend to make a story in their mind, while the real story is often different. It is not the intention that the two of you get a love affair. The real reason will become clear to you in the near future. This person is very important for you and through your interaction, you will learn and grow. Do not be sad that a love relationship isn’t the reason you have met this person, it just means that your future partner is yet to come.

The universe does not forget you and your heart desires!

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Have fun with these readings and remember that they are for entertainment only.


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