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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Libra.

You are, together with Aquarius and Gemini, an Air sign. Air stands for action, communication and innovation.

In 2021, the planet Saturn will visit your sector of creativity, children, fun, romance and love. Lucky planet Jupiter will be in that same zone in 2021. Saturn is a planet that makes us mature, points out our responsibilities and makes things and people leave our lives that no longer suit us.

Jupiter is a ‘lighter’ planet that offers you great opportunities and expansions. You can safely say that these two planets are extremes of each other. It is therefore highly likely that Jupiter will come up with many wonderful opportunities for creativity, love, romance, and children, and that Saturn is simultaneously asking you to look at this in a responsible, mature way.

Your creativity (in every area of  ​​your choice) will be rampant in 2021. You are very productive and you enjoy it at the same time.

Single Libras aren’t attracted to lighthearted and one-time encounters this year. They are looking for someone with whom they can have a serious and long-term relationship. Libras in a committed relationship want to deepen these.

Uranus will be in your intimacy sector in 2021. You want to discover new ways of intimacy and you get many flashes of insight about this topic. Some flashes of insight will be unconventional, but that’s exactly what you’re open to this year.

‘Your creativity will be rampant in 2021. You are very productive and you get a lot of fun out of it at the same time’

In September and October you have a lot of energy because Mars is in your sign. These months are also great for giving someone or something a second chance. Do you want to try again for a certain passion or goal, hobby or job, give an ex-partner a new chance? The cosmos gives you a green light.

The planet Neptune is in your work sector all year round. This means that your heart goes out to work where you feel spiritual fulfillment. If you are currently doing work that your heart is not in, then in the months of May, June and July of 2021 opportunities will come your way for work that does bring you that fulfillment.

Pluto resides in your home and family sector in 2021. You can make big changes here: even a complete transformation. You want to make your home life as safe and solid as possible, so that you are in control and not dependent on others. You are busy with this – just like last year.

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