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How to recognize a narcissist?

The concept of narcissism is still vague and difficult to recognize for many people. Narcissism can be distinguished into different characteristics. Characteristically, people who are narcissistic have two faces. This can be very confusing for you as a partner or for your family situation. You may recognize this phenomenon from a relationship you are in or have had.

What does narcissism look like in your partner?

Sometimes it can be difficult to be certain if you are dealing with a partner with a narcissistic personality disorder. A narcissist tries to deceive in various ways. This can be done, for example, by manipulating or intimidating. Sometimes violence is used, this can be verbal violence but it also happens emotionally. A number of characteristics that belong to a narcissistic partner are:

  • Your partner often wants to be the boss in the relationship;
  • You may feel that something is wrong with your partner;
  • Your partner has difficulty in empathising with situations that affect you;
  • Your partner hardly feels responsible;
  • Your partner comes across as heartless and considers himself very special.

These characteristics are very extreme in one person, while it is hardly noticeable in another person. Not everyone experiences the same characteristics this differs per person.

Living together with a narcissistic partner

Dealing with a narcissistic partner is a challenge but not impossible. It is important to ask yourself to what extent your partner is narcissistic. Your safety is of course paramount and you should never lose sight of this. We give a number of tips to be able to live together with a narcissistic partner, without losing sight of yourself:

Specify concrete limits

It is important to determine how much you are willing to ‘give’ in the relationship with your partner. By indicating these limits, it is also easier to stay with your decision. It is normal not to give in into everything, you can say ‘no’. Be aware that you do not have to feel guilty or have an emotional blackmail when you say ‘no’.

Do not join in the thinking pattern

A narcissist does everything to reach a goal, as a result of which games are often played to lure you, for example. Do not join the thinking pattern of your partner and do not play the game. Never lose sight of your own standards and values.

Would you like to know more about narcissism in love or do you have a narcissistic partner and would you like to share your experiences? You can ask our psychics. Book a reading, click here

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