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How does it work?

It is safe and simple to purchase your creditminutes in just 2 easy steps! You receive an E-mail after every reading with your new balance.

50 USD    = 10 min. reading. $6,50 now $5,00. Discount $15.
75 USD    = 15 min. reading. $6,50 now $5,00. Discount $22,50.
100 USD = 20 min. reading. $6,50 now $5,00. Discount $30.
125 USD = 25 min. reading. $6,50 now $5,00. Discount $37,50.
150 USD = 30 min. reading. $6,50 now $5,00. Discount $45.
200 USD = 40 min. reading. $6,50 now $5,00. Discount $60.

Your balance will be deducted in real time when the actual reading starts; not when you listen to the intro and optionmenu.

Step 1:

Fill out the form below to use our credit system:

Step 2:

After a successful payment, you will immediately receive your access code in your mailbox. Now you can call us. First dial 1-800 28 360 88. You will be asked to enter your personal access code and you will be asked to enter the boxnumber of the psychic you want to talk to. On the homepage you can see the boxnumbers of the psychics in their profile next to their name.

The credit system automatically links your e-mail address to your telephone number so that if you call us again, you no longer have to enter your access code, only the box-number of the psychic you want to consult.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long are my credits valid?
    They never expire.
  • What is the rate?
    For a phone-reading: 1 credit = $6,50 now $5,00 p/m
    For a chat-reading: 1 credit = $5,50 now $4,00 p/m
  • When I call, I will be asked for an access number. Can you explain why?
    When you call the creditsystem you must identify yourself with your personal access code. You will find your personal access code in your email. (The email you receive after a successful payment.)
  • Can I buy more credits while calling?
    Yes, you will hear a notification when there are 3 minutes of credits left. You can then buy more credits within 3 minutes for the current call.
    If you do not use all your credit minutes, you can use it for another psychic reading. Unused credit minutes never expire.
  • Do I have to enter the access code every time I call?
    No, you only have to do this the first time you call us. The credit system links your telephone number to your email address. If you call again, you no longer have to enter the access code, only the box-number of the psychic you want to consult.
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