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The sense of meditating

Are you looking for a way to feel fitter, more energetic and happier? This is a good reason to take a closer look at meditation. Meditation actually means training the mind or thoughts. It is even stated that the health of meditation practitioners is better and that they have a higher life expectancy. In America, meditating in a part of the population belongs to the routine of everyday life. Meditating affects the physical, mental and spiritual state of your body.

Various studies have shown that the brain function of meditation practitioners functions at a high level. It has also been proven that meditation practitioners produce more brain pleasure and pleasure chemicals. This can also contribute to a good night’s sleep for people who have problems sleeping. Meditation practitioners often have better mental and emotional health. They have less (muscle) tension, are less depressed or anxious, and know less anger and sadness. In short: There is more balance in the life of a meditator. Meditating can bring you a lot of benefits:

Benefits of meditating

  • The left and right part of the brain will work together better
  • Meditating helps you to be guided less by external factors
  • Your blood pressure drops drastically
  • Meditating lowers the heart rate
  • The speed of breathing is decreasing
  • The biological age is measured lower through meditation
  • EMG activities are increasing
  • More confidence
  • Emotional stability is increasing
  • Meditation contributes to improving relationships at home and at work
  • The flexibility of the muscles increases
  • Meditating provides better resistance and endurance
  • The movement and reaction speed increases
  • The intake of oxygen is strengthened
  • Meditating contributes to reducing menstrual pain
  • Increases the effectiveness of your breathing
  • Improves your body posture and hand-eye coordination
  • Meditating stabilizes the autonomic nervous system
  • Increases your energy level and vitality, reduces pain
  • The production of serotonin is increasing
  • It develops your will power
  • It reduces the risk of mental illness

How do I meditate?

Meditating is a natural technique to learn to use your mind and thoughts. A first step to learn how to use this correctly is to observe it. How does my mind work? What can I do with my thoughts? You can then use it as effectively as possible by training. How do I meditate then? Actually, meditating is just like resting. Throughout the day, the brain gets a lot of processing such as smells, sounds, but also feelings. Sleeping helps restore your mind, yet some situations or experiences are not always properly processed. Meditation does not try to solve problems, but tries to change your attitude towards the problems.

A number of aspects are important in a good meditation posture: Sit upright and try to keep the back, neck and head in a straight line; relax your back, neck and shoulders; sit still; put your hands in an easy position; keep the head in balance, so right above the spine; your face is relaxed; you keep your eyes open or closed as you wish. Make sure that you do not sit in the wrong position during meditation, for example with a hollow back or with your head bent forward. If you are good at this, than you will experience the benefits of meditation yourself.

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