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Full moon and new moon

The moon affects our daily lives and how we feel. The different phases of the moon have an influence on emotions and feelings of the human being. People experience different advantages or disadvantages with the new moon or full moon. The energy of the moon affects our body and thoughts. With a new moon, new energy is also being developed. This gives us every month the chance to renew us.

Influences of the moon

Once a month we have a full moon. Highly sensitive people notice much of this physically and mentally. They are (un)consciously more open to stimuli. Some of them experience benefits, while others are extra tired and sleep worse. There are two periods within the lunar cycle. Both periods last about 14.5 days. This is the period in which you gain insight into what you have done and want to do. In addition, the full moon can also help to let go. The diminishing moon period contains the new moon phase. In this phase it is a good time to invest. You can think of time and pay attention to new ideas for your relationship, health or work.

Advantages and disadvantages of the moon’s influences

When the moon is full, the energy of the moon is extra present and active. This gives different advantages and disadvantages. Benefits may be that you have more energy, you feel strong and powerful and can think very clearly. Disadvantages may be that find it difficult to get to sleep, dreams are more intense, you feel irritable and suffer from emotions more quickly. The energy of the new moon is present in the last part of the month and takes place in the final phase of the declining moon period. Advantages of the new moon is that you are aware of innovations, detoxifies and makes it easy to release ballast.

The moon phase influences our behavior. During the full or new moon you can (unconsciously) be more open to energies and you may suffer from inexplicable emotions. You will also feel a difference in energy during the different phases of the moon. Make use of the forces of the moon at the right time. You reinforce each phase on a different level. Become aware of the energy of the moon and use the corresponding benefits.

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