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Does time exist?

The messages we channel come from a dimension where no time exists. For everything happens at the same moment. For humans on earth that is difficult to imagine because ‘Time is everything’ for us.

Many people – and that is very understandable – want to know: when will that job, partner, new house, baby etc. come into my life?

There are often so many factors that make it almost impossible to give a pin-point prediction in terms of ‘time’.

Two ‘nights’ of rest in that other dimension can be five years later here on earth. In the Spirit-world,  one year is like ‘a turn of a page’; on earth a year feels completely different and so much longer.

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What to do when you’re a HSP?

Some people are more sensitive than others. They feel the energy. They ‘know’ things. They often feel very different than other people because they just sense so much! Take this test to see if you are a HSP.

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Different kind of Spirit guides

Every person has one main Spiritguide and several helpguides. They love you unconditionally. Your ideas, impulses, flashes of insight etc. come from your Spiritguides

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Influence of a full moon and new moon

‘The feeling that there’s something wrong…. There is nothing – NOTHING wrong with me at all. It’s just the way the moon makes me feel….’ Source: unknown

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