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Dear Capricorn, here is your 2019 free horoscope.

Which astrological influences can you expect in 2019? 

It is important to also read the horoscope of your ascendant and moon sign, for they are just as important in terms of influence as your sun sign. This way you get a better overall picture of the astrological influences in your life. If you want to calculate your moonsign and ascendant, we recommend You can calculate your birthchart for free on this website.

Sunsign Capricorn – Moon in Capricorn – Ascendant in Capricorn


Responsible, Ambitious, Resourceful, Patient, Loyal

Saturn and Pluto are – just as in 2018 – in your sign this year. Saturn is your ruling planet so that makes you feel comfortable when he is in your sign. Saturn will bring you all the good Saturn things that you love, such as status, safety and good karma. He can also slow down things for you, so that you can really enjoy life to the full.

Pluto still makes his long journey through your sign. Pluto has been in Capricorn from 2008 until 2023. Fifteen years is a long time, but the most intense part was from 2012 to 2015 with Uranus following Pluto. You survived it.

Saturn in your sign is really a blessing. Fortune planet Jupiter will be in your sign for a year starting in December 2019, so you can feel the transition to much better, quiet and happier times this year.

Keywords for Capricorn in 2019:

status, authority, maturity, self-restructuring, cultural pride, spiritual growth and maturity

The planet Uranus has been in your home and family sector in recent years. From March 2019 onwards – until 2026 – he will be in the sector that deals with creativity, children and romance. As a Capricorn, you will prefer that Uranus has left your home and family sector, because you don’t like disruption and change at the roots of your Being. Capricorn loves solid foundations and that is something that you found very difficult to find while Uranus rolled through your household sector.

From March 2019 you can expect many changes in love relationships. What you want in love and the type of person you normally attract will change. You long for more space and freedom. You become allergic to people who try to suppress you.

The lucky planet Jupiter is almost the whole year in the sector that is about your subconscious. This allows you to develop a stronger bond with your feelings and your instinct. You do not mind being alone every now and then this year and you enjoy those moments. This year is very suitable for planning.

As said, the happiness planet Jupiter will be in your sign for a year from December 2019 on. This happens every 12 years. All plans that you put down in 2020 have a guarantee for success. You have a year to think about what you would like, what makes you happy. What do you want to achieve. How do you want to organize your life? The better you prepare for this and know what you really want, the more successful 2020 will be for you.

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