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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Cancer.

You are, together with Pisces and Scorpio, a Water sign. Water stands for intuition, deep feelings and emotions.

Money is one of the most important topics for Cancer in 2021. The money that you generate yourself, but also money through or together with others. For example, a partner, but also banks, insurance companies, pension funds, benefit agencies and so on. A lot of money can come in, in 2021, but also go out just as quickly. You want to become financially independent this year and no longer depend on others. If you are in debt, you live a minimalist life because you want to be debt-free as quickly as possible.

You cannot expect cooperation from others in 2021, it all comes down to your own abilities. This should be no problem for you. At the end of this year, you are proud of what you have achieved and especially because you have done it all yourself. It may be that your partner is experiencing loss of income and together you will find ways to get through this properly. Young Cancer can get their first job this year and they will handle their pay wisely.

The lucky planet Jupiter that will reside in your 8th house in 2021, traditionally represents receiving an inheritance. Also experience benefit through the wealth of others. It also stands for successful investment together with a partner.

‘By the end of 2021, you will be proud of what you have achieved and especially because you managed it all yourself’

The planet Uranus activates the sector that is about your friendships, social life, dreams, wishes and the future. Your circle of friends and social life will change for the better. Interesting new people come into your life with a completely different background or culture. You will also see your wishes and dreams about the future differently. Chances are that you will get wishes and dreams that are completely outside your comfort zone.

At the end of April to mid-June 2021, Mars will be in your sign, so you will feel more energy and entrepreneurial spirit. You also dare to take risks. Everything you do in these months will play an important role in your life for the next 2 years. Mars is in your sign for a number of weeks every 2 years, so use the creative power at your disposal during this time.

The planet Pluto resides, just like in 2020, in your relationship sector. You are attracted to passionate people. Intimacy is very important to you and this will become even more important as Saturn and Jupiter will reside in your intimacy sector in 2021. If there is an intimacy obstacle in your relationship, it will surface more strongly in 2021 to be resolved. In November and December, Mars will be in your love sector, bringing more love, romance and passion into an existing relationship.

The single Cancer is open to meet a new partner. Single Cancer experiencing an obstacle in terms of intimacy, may meet someone this year that will help them let go of this obstacle. With the energy of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in your relationship and intimacy sector, you have a very good chance of building a deep and serious relationship.

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