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Auras and the meaning of aura colours

We can describe your aura as a natural energy field with which you are surrounded. It is hard to see with our own eyes, but some clairvoyants, psychics and aura-readers can see or feel these layers well. According to them, these auras have the most beautiful colors. The inner layer, also called physical layer, is the most important layer since it is closest to your body.

Our inner condition is represented from the aura. The aura is actually a vibrant force field in which various subtle force fields are housed. The forces have their own colours that tell something about someone’s well-being at that moment. The aura is constantly in motion, colours alternate, depending on how the person feels. Every aura is unique and is formed by ourselves.

Thoughts influence the aura

The better your physical condition is, the stronger your aura is. If your aura is weakened then you are vulnerable to external influences with a reduced resistance as a result. It is possible that disruptions or diseases occur which are indicated by the aura. The so-called holes in the aura can be sealed by healers. You yourself also have an important influence on your own disease process. Your thoughts influence the aura, the power of your thoughts is greater than you think. It continuously moves the aura so that the colors always alternate.

The meaning of aura colours

There are many different opinions about the meaning of the colors of the aura. It is difficult to define this as exact science. Intuition and experience is extremely important in explaining the aura colors, nothing in nature is absolutely absolute. We give you the meaning of the aura colors, colors that alternate continuously depending on your mood and state of mind.

  • Red general – affection, energy, courage, warmth, physical strength, temperament, passion, materialism, invincibility, willpower, earthbound, insecurity, possessiveness, animal
    • Dark red – decisiveness, dynamism, will, possessiveness, animal, anger, annoyance, leadership nature, courage, anger, unsafe feeling
    • Brown-red, dull almost rust-colored – avarice, greed
    • Bright red – energy, activity, courage, warmth, vitality, emotionality, temperament, materialism, sexuality
    • A red cloud – irritation / headache
    • Blood red – sensuality
    • Deep red flashes against black background – anger
  • Yellow general – intellect, optimism, fresh, understanding, thoughtful, knowledge, wisdom, intuition, spiritual development, higher understanding, nervous, irritation
    • Bright / light yellow – intellect, intuition, spiritual development, ego, social skills, strong personality
    • Dark yellow – distrust, envy, hatred, lower instincts, tension, cowardice, suspicion
    • Dull ocher yellow – intelligence used for selfish purposes
    • Ocher yellow – stability, reality, economy, tension
    • Soft yellow – intellect that is devoted to spiritual matters
    • Reddish amber yellow – higher non-selfish thinking
  • Orange general – vitality, dynamism, constructive, cheerfulness, dedication, sympathy, loyalty, healing, health, urge to develop, stubbornness, vitality, creativity, active intelligence, loyalty, constructive, self-assurance, zest for life, warmth, sensitivity, health, openness ambition
    • Orange / Yellow – sharp mind, playful, self-awareness, ambition, humor, freedom
    • Yellow / Green – communication, sympathy, compassion, forward-looking, cheerful
  • Green general – protection, higher thoughts, nature, creativity, tolerance, politeness, independence, dedication, harmony peace, control, self-control, indifference, back to past, conventional
    • Middle green – balance, commitment, growth, change, surrender, peace, love, spiritual development, communication, caring
    • Dark green – self-esteem, adaptability, vitality, defeat, materialism
    • Dark olive green – self-esteem, treacherous
    • Clear apple green – great vitality
    • Jade green – Great spiritual development, spiritual growth
    • Emerald green – versatility, ingenuity and inventiveness unselfishly applied
    • Cobalt or ultramarine – devotion for a spiritual ideal
    • Light shining blue-green – deep sympathy and compassion with empathy
  • Blue general – introverted, loving, calm, deepening, distance, wisdom, loneliness, truth, devotion, stability, intuition, authority, style
    • Light blue – commitment to ideals, softness, resilience, compassion, clarity
    • Indigo – mediumship, healing properties, goodness, closeness, serious, prudence
  • Violet – reserve, spiritual development, higher I, intuition, mysticism, magic, paranormal giftedness, faith, fantasy, wisdom, art, creativity, insight, loneliness
    • Lilac – mysticism, magic, profundity, tolerance, artistic, delicacy, expressive
  • Pink – sensibility, emotionality, femininity, unconditional love, tenderness, sentimentality
  • Brown – selfishness, unhappiness, earthbound, dependence, illness, destruction
    • Dark brown – lovelessness, earth-bound, dependence, illness, destruction
  • Gray – meaningless, suppressed
    • Brownish – egoism
    • Gray-green – deceit and cunning, jealousy
    • Lead gray – depression
    • Light pale gray – deep fear
  • Black general – destruction, death, hopeless, sexually negative. Explanation: Black is not a color, it indicates a complete absence of color and light and indicates an opposite state of spiritual insight. We can also consider gray as such, this too is a lack of irradiation of enough light.
    • Black, in thick clouds – hatred and malice
  • White – higher awareness, empathy, energy spiking, wisdom, life experience, developed spirituality, satisfaction
  • Gold – pure intellect, applied to philosophy or mathematics
    • Gold yellow – idealistic thinking, high level of wisdom
  • Silver – liveliness, versatility

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