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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Aries.

You are, together with Leo and Sagittarius, a Fire sign. Fire stands for passion, optimism and energy.
Aries 2020

You have worked hard Aries, and you built a solid foundation in recent years. You will reap the benefits of this in 2021. Promote who you are, your talents and what you do and continue to network extensively. This year is very good to work with others, to operate as a team. Together you can move mountains and motivate and inspire each other.

In recent years you have set a clear goal for yourself and now the time has come to turn this solo goal into a group goal. This year you also feel the need to work with others to come up with ways to serve the Earth. The transformation planet Pluto is in your career and life path sector all year round. The planet Uranus is in your money sector this year (just like last year). This makes you open to generate money in new unique ways and to deal with your money in different ways. Pluto ensures that you pursue your ambitions and goals with a lot of passion.

The action planet Mars has been in your sign for a long time in 2020 and will be with you for a little while in 2021, until January 6th to be precise. You have done and achieved a lot in 2020 and you will start the new year with lots of energy.

‘This year is very good to work with others, to operate as a team. Together you can move mountains and motivate and inspire each other’

You have focus and much more clarity about what you want to work towards in 2021. You are down-to-earth and practical: you know well what is and what’s not feasible. This year you will make many new friendships and your social life will blossom. Your living situation will also receive a lot of attention from you in 2021. You can successfully renovate or move.

Mars will be in your love sector in June and July of 2021. This is a great time to date and if you are in a committed relationship, the romance will flare up again.

In September and October 2021, Mars will be in your relationship sector, so you want to feel more connected and take a serious approach to love. You want to make serious plans for the future. You are not interested in superficial encounters during these months.

In November and part of December 2021, Mars will be in your intimacy sector, making you feel more passionate and you approach intimacy in a direct way.

From August to the end of December 2021, your connection with the spiritual world and your Spirit guides will be more tangible. For example, you can ‘coincidentally’ get hold of a book that gives you many insights and pieces of the puzzle fall into place. You will learn a lot about your relationship with your ancestors and your own psychic abilities. If you have children or grandchildren, you can also experience magical, spiritual moments with them during these months.

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