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Dear Aries, here is your 2019 free horoscope.

Which astrological influences can you expect in 2019? 

It is important to also read the horoscope of your ascendant and moon sign, for they are just as important in terms of influence as your sun sign. This way you get a better overall picture of the astrological influences in your life. If you want to calculate your moonsign and ascendant, we recommend You can calculate your birthchart for free on this website.

Sunsign Aries – Moon in Aries – Ascendant in Aries


Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Courageous, Independent, Generous

Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and insights, will leave your sign in March 2019. He will return to Aries in 70+ years. Many of you will say: Hallelujah! Your life will become calmer in the coming years now that Uranus enters Taurus. Uranus is known for its unexpected actions and some events may have caused you to suddenly go on a different course. Aries born in mid-April feel the tail of Uranus the most.

Starting in March, Uranus will be in your money sector for a number of years. This will make you earn money in different and new ways. In the coming years you will also deal with money in a different way. Because Uranus gives sudden changes, you can sometimes get financial windfalls, but also expect unexpected financial setbacks.

The start of 2019 starts with a lot of energy for Aries. This is because Mars – the action planet is in your sign. You can forge the iron when it is hot until mid-February. Mars gives you just that little bit more energy, guts and enthusiasm.

Keywords for Aries in 2019:

stabilization, foreign love, career highlight, endurance, healing, healthy hunger for power, loyal friends

From July to mid August, Mars can be found in your love sector. Mars can give you a lot of mutual attraction.

In the first half of November, Mercury is retrograde (moving backwards) and this can cause a lover from your past to suddenly reappear on stage.

Just like in 2018, heavyweights Pluto and Saturn will also be in your career and life path sector. So you can continue to figure out which path suits you best. What are your goals and ambitions? Pluto and Saturn help you with this. Saturn will only return to your work and career sector in 30 years. Everything that you have worked so hard for the past 20 to 24 years can now reach a huge positive climax.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion will stay in your ninth house until the end of 2019. The ninth house represents your search for the true meaning of life. It shows how you shape the philosophy and vision of your life. Terms such as higher education, long trips and philosophy belong to the ninth house. Foreign influences and love for foreign countries. It is even possible you find love with someone from a foreign country.

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