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Are you ready for love?

Signs you are ready for love

  • You don’t mind being alone
  • You are independent on all levels of your life: emotional, financial, mentally, spiritually
  • You don’t expect your future partner to save you. That is not their job or responsibility, this is your job and responsibility and you are fully aware of this
  • You don’t have repeating feelings of jalousy when you see a couple in love or when your friends meet their partner before you do
  • You feel at ease with yourself, you don’t need to go out every day of the week to avoid being alone
  • You daydream about your future partner, you can see what you want and how you want it. Your daydreams about this future are happy and loving. They are full of nice details
  • You know that the Universe works with Perfect Timing thus you know that you will meet your partner at the exact right moment: when you both are ready for your encounter and life together.
  • You take good care of yourself on how you feel and how you look
  • You have forgiven ex partners and you see how they have made you grow, they made you realize what you want and what you don’t want.
  • You don’t have a grudge or feelings of hate in your heart for former partners, they don’t control your emotions
  • You don’t have feelings of fear or doubt that you will attract the same sort of partner you had in the past, you realize you are not the same person you were then
  • You don’t have feelings of doubt that you will meet someone
  • You are busy developing yourself as a human being and as a soul
  • You have made a list of your future partner’s positive aspects

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