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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

If you answer “yes” to the questions below at least 20 times, you are a highly sensitive person.

  1. I am always aware of subtle signals in my environment.
  2. I am often affected, sometimes severely so, by other people’s moods.
  3. I am quite sensitive to physical pain.
  4. On busy days or during hectic activity, I notice a (strong) urge to withdraw to my bed or a dark room (or some other place where I can be alone).
  5. I am particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine (predominantly in coffee).
  6. I easily get distressed by influences such as bright lights, house or trance music, strong odours, coarsely woven fabrics, or loud sirens.
  7. I have a rich and complex inner world of experience. My imagination is broader than that of the average person.
  8. I feel uncomfortable in conversations with a strong emotional charge, shouting, or people who are covertly aggressive and even more so at overt aggression.
  9. I can be deeply touched or affected by beautiful things, rich settings, sensitive art, or special artworks.
  10. I am conscientious (sometimes excessively so). I can even be a hair-splitting perfectionist who keeps aiming high.
  11. I startle easily, even when I know that logically nothing is wrong or can be wrong.
  12. I easily feel rushed when I have to really make an effort (or do things) over a short period of time.
  13. When people feel uncomfortable in their physical environment, I usually know what is required to counter such feelings (for example dimming the lights, opening a window, lighting incense, or relocating furniture).vI get irritated when people try to force me to accept all sorts of quick and seemingly logical conclusions.
  14. I try hard not to forget things, as I have a tendency to be slightly chaotic.
  15. I don’t watch any violent or shallow movies or TV shows as a matter of principle.
  16. I grow increasingly uncomfortable when two people simultaneously try to get my attention.
  17. Hunger can exert a strong negative influence on my ability to concentrate and/or on my mood.
  18. I find changes unsettling, particularly sudden ones. I have a high need for control and certainty. I am sometimes accused of trying to govern (or even dominate) my environment by it.
  19. I am very much open to delicate sensory experiences, such as subtle fragrances, flavours, sounds, and skin contact, which I enjoy intensely.
  20. I sometimes avoid people, situations (i.e. public transport), or locations (buildings or specific streets), without any clear reason for doing so. I suspect that I perceive unseen things on such occasions. I may even hear voices (of the deceased, for instance).
  21. When I have to compete with someone, or when I am watched closely, I get so nervous or tense that I perform far below my usual levels.
  22. As a child, my parents or teachers regarded me as sensitive or shy.
  23. I usually pick up emotions, tension, desires, and projections from my environment, and I am unable to just shut these things out.
  24. My sensitivity is prevalent among other members of my family.
  25. I may drink or smoke heavily in order to sedate my sensitivity as much as possible.

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