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Your 2021 horoscope for sun sign, ascendant and moon sign in Aquarius.

You are, together with Libra and Gemini, an Air sign. Air stands for action, communication and innovation.
Aquarius 2020

This will be an exciting year for you Aquarius! In recent years you have often been on hold and your patience has also been tested. But no more of this in 2021. Just wave bye-bye to 2020 because this year it is finally your turn to take all the opportunities coming your way.

In 2021, but also in the years that follow, you will transform completely and radically. Everything that no longer belongs in your life will fade away. The “dead wood” will leave your life, giving you enormous space to be innovative. The time has come to show who you really are. You are going to reinvent yourself and that is exactly what you as an Aquarius are very good at. This year is to find out who you are, what you want – in all areas of your life – and where your truth really lies.

‘Can it get any better for you? Yes, because good fortune-planet Jupiter is in your sign almost all year round’

You are going to examine all of your old behavioral patterns. You stop behavior that no longer serves a purpose in your life. That takes so much weight off your shoulders. The planet Saturn, which will be in your sign for several years, will help you with this. His arrival makes it so much easier to leave out things from your identity that belong in the past. What a liberation for you! You will get to know yourself in a completely different way. Take enough “me-time” this year.

Can it get any better for you? Yes, because good fortune-planet Jupiter is in your sign almost all year round. This marks a period of growth lasting 12 years. Jupiter provides opportunities in every area of your life. If you want to start your own business, do so this year. Try to take advantage of the influence of this lucky-good fortune-planet as much as possible.

Jupiter also makes you very attractive, so no lack of attention for you this year. According to Greek mythology, King Midas asked the god Dionysius for the gift of turning everything he touched into gold. This year you really have “the Midas touch”.

Where can you encounter a challenge? Because you let go of your ‘Old You’, your environment may have difficulty or have to get used to your transformation into the ‘New You’. Give people time and those who really love you will encourage you in your growth. The people who can’t do this belong to the “dead wood” and  you will be saying goodbye to them this year and the years that follow. You no longer feel like compromising or explaining the decisions you make. Your home is sacred to you this year.

In 2021, every month will be different when it comes to love. This is because you are going through such an enormous transformation yourself: you literally become a new person and therefore your interest fluctuates quickly. For example, the person you like in March may no longer arouse your interest in April.

This also applies to Aquarius in a committed relationship. There is a possibility that in 2021 you will notice that you no longer belong in your relationship. Or your partner cannot get used to the new version you have become. Do not try to resist, but rather go along with the changes that Saturn is asking of you. It can also be very positive: that you and your partner will grow even closer together and that he or she adores the ‘New You’ just as much, or even more than the ‘Old You’. Now that’s true love!


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