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Some people are more sensitive than others. They are automatically more sensitive to the spheres around them. If a sensitive person enters a room where there has been a brawling quarrel, he or she will feel this right away. Or if, for example, there is tension between people, you can also feel this flawlessly as a sensitive person. It can make you feel sad and confused because you feel ‘something’ but you can not explain exactly what it ‘just’ feel. Many children are also very sensitive.

If you go to places where many people gather, e.g. at a reception, in a bar, during shopping, airport etc. it is useful to close yourself off before you leave your house. If you do not do this then your energy can be sucked away by people who have less energy. They do not do this consciously but it is annoying for you. Or you can, for example, go to the cinema very cheerfully but if you happen to just sit next to someone who is depressed then you have a chance that you pick up these feelings and in this way get a depressing feeling. You don’t know which emotionens are yours or if they belong to somebody else?

You can prevent this by closing your aura and enery-field before you leave home. You close your eyes and you visualize that you surround yourself with a bright white or golden light; from crown to toes, all around you. That way your energy stays with you and the energy of the other person can not come to you. Simple and very effective! Try to do this every day and teach (your) children how to do this.

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